Monday, 3 August 2015

OYABA - CRAZY LOVE Reviewed by Bernard Agapa Date August 03, 2015 Rating: 3


[verse 1]
shes so fine
shines like a sun
original african so in love
shes that kind
that makes every mama proud
queen of my heart
frm heaven above

i'm love
love crazy
i'm love
crazy crazy love
i'm love
love crazy
i'm love
crazy crazy love

[verse 2]
i often sit and wonder
why i'm not
the man i use to be
i've never felt so younger
like a flower
that will never grow old (i guess)


[verse 3]
your love strikes me like a thunder
it really burns
deep inside like a fire
a burning flame that will never fade
and passions all you need
and our desire


i've never been in love like this way before
and i dont wanna let you go (your my baby)
when u feel like your wall is tumbling down
you got no one to talk too
just call my name i'll be there for you
and always be true to you